Writing style manuals

An invaluable ‘source of truth’ for your staff

In the corporate world, clear, consistent written communication is paramount. Your brand reputation depends on it. That’s why every workplace – big and small – needs a custom writing style manual. One that’s easy for staff to read, understand and implement. Find out how we can help you achieve a unified and polished communication style for your workplace, once and for all.

step 1

Consultation and analysis

We’ll kick off by analysing your existing communication materials to identify areas for improvement and establish a baseline for enhancement.

From there, we’ll run a mini-workshop with your key stakeholders to learn all we can about your business’ specific writing challenges. This is especially important if you operate in a highly regulated industry – such as finance or health – that has language-related compliance issues to contend with.

step 2

Writing style manual outline

Next, we’ll come back to you with a meaty outline for your custom writing style manual. This draft will give you a good feel for the overall structure and the various subsections we recommend.

From there, we’ll seek your feedback and approval to proceed.

step 3

Writing style manual completion

It’s now time for us to craft the complete first draft of your writing style manual. It will provide clear directives on tone, language usage, formatting and more.

Of course, you will have ample opportunity to share your feedback and request any changes you would like after receiving the first draft.

Once the wording is finalised and approved, we can assist in the graphic design process to ensure a seamless creative execution.

Finally, if your business doesn’t have a clear and defined brand voice, you could consider incorporating a brand voice bible into your writing style manual.

step 4

Staff presentation

A crucial step to ensuring staff embrace your new writing style manual, we will present the document to your people – and answer any questions they may have.

But if you’re asking something more impactful, we can run a tailored business writing workshop for your people.

Remember: positive staff engagement and training is the cornerstone for consistent, accurate and professional communication in your workplace.

step 5

Ongoing support and updates

As your business expands, so can your writing style manual.

We can conduct regular reviews and updates to keep it aligned with industry best practices and your evolving business needs.

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