Storytelling skills training

This is the most powerful communication skill of them all

Introducing Effective Business Storytelling, a 6-hour course for inhouse teams. In just one day, we’ll help unlock the hidden value in your workplace – and empower your people to exert greater influence, form faster connections, and above all, be remembered.

Why storytelling skills matter

Human beings are hard-wired to respond to – and remember – stories. In fact, storytelling has always been crucial to our evolution, helping us learn from the past so we could imagine the future. 

That’s why storytelling is about so much more than sharing anecdotes.

It’s a powerful way to transmit values – helping audiences grasp concepts quickly and connect more deeply with your brand.

By helping your people master the art of storytelling, your organisation will:

  • Empower your leaders to inspire and motivate more effectively
  • Establish stronger, deeper human connections – internally and externally
  • Proactively shape and align your brand narrative
  • Foster a more cohesive and confident workforce

Who is this course for?

Effective Business Storytelling will provide value to staff across your organisation, including:

  • Managers and leadership teams
  • Sales and marketing teams
  • Admin, support and customer service staff
  • Technical advisors and consultants

And the course is for diverse learners too; people of all backgrounds will improve their ability to use stories strategically in the workplace.

What does the course cover?

This course will empower your team to:

  • Tell authentic and relevant stories  
  • Articulate their value to the wider business
  • Craft punchy stories for people with short attention spans
  • Tailor messages to address an audience’s desires and dilemmas 
  • Communicate persuasively for impact, influence and connection

Want a detailed Program Outline? Please get in touch.

How is the course delivered?

We run this workshop face-to-face. As always, it will be:

  • Relevant: Your course will be tailored to your training objectives and team’s specific needs
  • Inspiring: Your team will walk away with a new perspective, more confidence – and loads of new skills!
  • Interactive & engaging: A great morale booster, your team will enjoy the practical activities, interaction… and leave feeling more connected to each other.
  • Flexible: Delivered at your office on a day and time that suits you.

Quick-fire FAQs

Who will be the facilitator at our workshop?

At CSA, all our facilitators are subject matter experts in their fields. 

The course is run by Sara Tiefenbrun, an expert with 25+ years’ storytelling in broadcasting and marketing. She knows how to identify and shape powerful stories – and how they can be applied to achieve impactful business outcomes. 

So who would you rather spend your dollars on? A trainer who simply conveys the information? Or an experienced practitioner who lives and breathes it?

What’s the maximum number of participants per workshop?

We cap face-to-face sessions at 15 people – as groups any larger than this reduce opportunities for interaction and feedback.

So if you have more people to train than this, please ask us about our special rate for multiple workshops.

What will our team learn?

Please contact us for a full Program Outline. In the meantime, here’s a small taster:

  • A strategic GPS to guide all communications
  • A format to structure any story and make it engaging
  • Strategies for getting inside the mind of your audience
  • Tips for speaking in more human language  
  • Sharing stories that align with your organisation’s values
  • A guide to the writing process, including receiving feedback

But let us stress: we will tailor the workshop to your precise needs. So please take the program outline as a guide only.

What is the structure of the sessions?

Workshops are always fun, engaging and interactive.

Our storytelling workshops are hands-on and activity-based. We encourage lots of dialogue and discussion – and work hard to get everyone involved. 

We create a safe environment where even introverts feel comfortable to share their thoughts.

What do we get for our investment?
  • Fully customised course material including scenarios that simulate common challenges within your organisation.This includes the opportunity to trial communication strategies and get immediate feedback. 
  • A 25-page workbook for each participant (also a valuable reference long after the workshop is over).
  • A handy one-page checklist for your team to keep by their side whenever to support them to communicate effectively when they write or speak.
How do you charge?

We charge a fixed fee for groups of 15 people, not per head. That’s why we always encourage our clients to take advantage of all spots for maximum value.

And remember: all workshops are tailored to your needs at no added cost.

Please contact us for a customised quote for your workplace.

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