Our leaders

Educators. Leaders. Master communicators.

Our leaders, Vikki and Veronica, bring diverse yet complementary talents and expertise to CSA. While Vikki has qualifications in marketing and psychology, Veronica has qualifications in education and science.

But one thing they do have in common?

An unwavering drive to elevate the clarity and impact of communication in Australian workplaces. One participant, one team, one organisation at a time.

Vikki Maver

CEO & Trainer

Marketer, copywriter, corporate trainer, business owner and Monash University lecturer – Vikki has centred her career on the craft of communication since day one.

In 2003, she founded her copywriting agency, Refresh Marketing. Five years later, she added another string to her bow when she entered the world of training – teaching people in workplaces across Australia how to write for impact, influence and action. Over the following 15 years, Refresh Marketing built an enviable reputation across two key service streams: copywriting and training. 

So why did she create CSA? Vikki says:

As the old saying goes: Give a woman a fish, you feed her for a day – but teach her how to fish, and you feed her for a lifetime. Sure, we can keep SELLING our expertise. But I think SHARING it is a much more powerful, long-term approach. So we created CSA, a new sister-brand that perfectly encapsulates Veronica’s and my professional mission: to empower people to become skilful communicators – for life.’   


  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
Veronica Rustica

General Manager & Trainer

As a natural-born learner and leader, Veronica has seamlessly navigated diverse careers in public service, education and private enterprise.

But one thing that has remained constant?

Her ability to communicate complex ideas in written form. Clearly. Simply. Persuasively. Now, as CSA’s General Manager and Trainer, Veronica is combining her unique blend of strategic thinking and teaching experience to nurture the art of communication in others.

About CSA, Veronica says:

‘What does every successful professional have in common? The ability to communicate clearly and authentically. It enables you to connect meaningfully with colleagues and clients – and persuade decision makers. And I believe anyone can cultivate and master this skill. That’s why I’ve joined Vikki in creating CSA. Together, we’re committed to unlocking this potential in every individual we work with.’


  • Bachelor of Natural Resource Management
  • Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary)