Brand voice bibles

Is your brand voice generic, undefined – or missing the mark?

Every brand – whatever the industry – needs a unique voice. One that’s clearly articulated and widely adopted. So why not let us help you arrive at a personality and tone that will set your brand apart and connect with your target audiences? Your brand voice bible will quickly become an invaluable long-term asset for your people and external agencies.

step 1

Competitor research

We start by looking from the outside in – with a deep dive into your competitors’ communications.

This enables us to build a clear picture of the broader market and identify any early opportunities for brand voice distinction that might exist.

step 2

Brand voice workshop

With your key stakeholders in the room, we run a series of fun yet efficient ‘sprints’ to help us elicit your ideas and vision for your brand voice.

Think micro brainstorms, sticky notes, voting and more!

step 3

Brand voice presentation

Around 2-3 weeks after the brand voice workshop, we present our recommendations for your new brand voice.

Your feedback at this stage is crucial to achieving your vision.

step 4

Brand voice bible completion

Once your brand voice is approved, we will create a brand voice bible for your team and agencies to refer to. This will include practical ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples to ensure everyone is crystal clear – and on the same page.

We can even extend this document out by creating a more comprehensive writing style manual.

step 5

Staff presentation

To ensure staff embrace your new brand voice, we will present the brand voice bible to your people – and answer any questions they may have.

But if you’re asking something more impactful, we can run a tailored business writing workshop, digital writing workshop or copywriting workshop for your people.

Remember: positive staff engagement and training is the cornerstone for consistent, on-brand communication in your workplace.

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