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The Ultimate Proofreading Checklist

For busy professionals, one crucial last step – proofreading – is often rushed. Or neglected altogether. 

This handy proofreading checklist will help you catch those pesky typos and errors time and again.  

A Starter Writing Style Guide

Every business needs its own writing style guide to ensure a consistent and credible brand. But perhaps you’re not ready to invest in a tailored one just yet.

The perfect head start for any workplace, this guide will get your people on the same page – on everything from date and time formats to capital letters and punctuation.

Commonly Confused English Words

Affect or effect? Enquiry or inquiry? It’s or its?

Many English words look or sound alike – making them easy to confuse time and again. But with this cheat-sheet by your side, you’ll be writing with precision and accuracy.

Your Bulletproof Guide to Bulleted & Numbered Lists

While there’s no one ‘correct’ way to write lists, consistency must be front of mind. That’s where this cheat-sheet comes in.

It will help you understand when, why, and how to write lists – with essential tips on clarity, capitals, punctuation and everything in between.

Workplace Plain English Translator

When it comes to writing at work, shorter is sweeter.

This cheat-sheet exposes the time-wasting words and redundant phrases you can leave behind. Learn how to swap sophisticated for simple – and cut out the clutter – with this plain English translator.

Golden Rules For Email Writing

Poor email writing costs your business time, money – and its reputation.

From keeping your message clear to perfecting your tone – these golden rules for email writing will ensure your team is clear, focused and professional every time.